Make someone you love MOVE!


Even if it’s you! (Of course this isn’t me.) It is my darling husband who sometimes doesn’t want
to kayak because the boat has no motor – it’s a guy thing:)…..but after he gets out there he regenerates and is ALWAYS glad he made the effort.

We were meant to move and when I stop, I will be dead! Have a wonderful weekend and move that body. You also create what is known as endorphins. They are a natural high by using your oxygen and moving…honest! You can’t overdose, it’s not illegal, but ask anyone who knows about endorphins-they rock!

6 Responses to “Make someone you love MOVE!”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    WOOHOOO! This is a GREAT reminder today, as it’s something I’m working to improve! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Max Says:

    Haha, nice.

    Homepage: Broken Controllers

  3. Chattanoogan Says:

    Ha, great post title! And good advice.

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much! Appreciate your taking time to comment!

  5. marlajayne Says:

    One of the courses I teach is Human Growth and Development, and one of the many things I’ve learned is that when people look back over their lives, what they regret most are the things that they DID NOT DO. Even if they failed miserably, lost all their money, got rejected, or whatever, they were still glad they took the chance instead of standing on the sidelines too fearful to plunge in. In the later years of midlife, I find myself thinking of this more often and and much more inclined to say YES to life, love, opportunity, and so forth.

  6. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I concur 100%. Those with children at home aren’t privy to as much free time as in later years, but still, I took my children with me on adventures! They learned lots of things and loved the time together!

    Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. Now go out and do something wonderful:)
    I’m out the door…….

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