Some VERY interesting facts!

I recently came across these facts and found them quite interesting…was familiar with some
of them, but not “specific” numbers. Hope you enjoy!

Did you know…..
1. Your heart beat about 2,649,024,000 times in your life if you live until 70?

2. Your vascular system pumps 50,000,000 of blood and oxygen in you live
until you are seventy.

3. People own over 75 million handguns in the USA alone.

4. The Bible is still the best selling book. Has sold 2,500,000,000 since
1815! That’s a lot of books.

5. Each person in the USA (in 1996) ate approximately 145.2 pounds of potatoes.

6. There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in a human being.

7. An adult heart weighs only about 11 ounces and has the capacity to
work effectively for over 100 years.

8. In 1995 there were 960,592 people who died from cardiovascular disease. A huge portion of this number was from “preventable” causes.

9.We are a species wired for survival, yet a large percentage of us get in the habit of getting hooked on things that can literally kill us.

10. There are over 18 million people in the USA alone who have an addiction to alcohol.

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