Swim emergency information

I know summer is almost over, but here is some information that could save lives if stranded in the water….

If you are far from help and need to sustain yourself DON’T try to swim to shore. Swimming accelerates heat loss….which can cause hypothermia (dangerously low body temperature). Try to
stay still, with legs together, and arms as close to your sides as possible.

Hopefully if you find yourself in this position you will have a life jacket on! This is a great time to have extra body weight as larger people cool down slower, which could help save your life.

Learn to float on your back. Learn to swim and dog paddle. Learn to keep that life jacket on!
Be SAFE and at least keep your children with life saving gear on at all times if you are boating.

I won’t be posting again until Friday or Saturday as I am a bit buried with paperwork that needs to be done one day, and my “kayak urge” which needs to be filled the other:). In the meantime, take a breath, enjoy the moments of your life. They pass quickly. Hug someone!

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