We laughed and jumped in the VW van to begin the trek cross country. My husband, two small children, and a pile of stuff to pack. It wasn’t totally pleasure that inspired us. My husband was a musician. He was booked to play some clubs cross country. With high anticipation I pledged to “make it work” – and make it work I did! Along with working to make it!

When we reached Ogallala, Nebraska we had a bit of time between gigs. The kids were happy to have a bit of time to quit driving and actually get out and play. My husband, brilliant, but not having an ounce of common sense, decided to drive out on the beach at Lake Ogallala.

I winced at where he parked the van and said, “Don’t you think this is a bit too close to the water?”

“Nay,” he said sharply. “I know how and where to park.” Ok. I wasn’t liberated then, so I
just shut up and started fixing lunch.

The children were laughing and running on the beach so I decided to turn to a radio station with
music. While fixing the tuna sandwiches I heard an interruption of regular programming.

“A storm is approaching and winds will be 70-85 miles per hour. This is unexpected, so prepare.”
(Or close to that!). I gulped and noticed dark clouds approaching from the southwest, and fast!

“John”, I yelled, “There is a severe storm approaching and the winds are going to be, etc…….”

He yelled back, “Oh, you must have heard wrong. They probably said 7-8 miles an hour.”

Again, I was still in chains, so I just put lunch on the table and called everyone in to eat.

Out of nowhere wind began beating the VW. The waves whipped up and the children screamed.
“Stay put”, John said. “We are safer in here than outside.”

I wasn’t sure, but found myself just holding the children and saying prayers.

When it was over, we were surrounded by water. Thank God the tires had sunk sufficiently so as not to turn us over….or take us out to the middle of the lake!

I thanked God for saving us. John paid someone for towing us out, and of course, we never spoke of it again! Oh my gosh, had it not been for my beautiful children…..those were NOT the DAYS to recall!

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