contemplation about blogging

It struck me several days ago and “it” has been nagging me ever since. Why do I blog. I am not asking you. I am asking myself.

On the positive side:
It is a podium to speak my peace.
It is a way to share what I believe will help others.
It is a form of recreation. I love to write.
It is a way to communicate with others.
It is fun to get comments (and give them too).
It is fun to read other blogs.

On the negative side:
I am sure sitting on my ass isn’t as healthy as a walk.
I wonder if I would even be missed if I quit writing. Maybe I should find a gig writing for cash.
I think perhaps I should be out there actually doing something for a real live human as opposed
to writing for my invisible audience…which could amount to a few regulars and some passer-bys.
I think my writing may not be controversial enough or nasty enough to attract lots of people.
I haven’t sold one CD or book – projects I TRULY believe in (at least NOT on the internet.)

So now I ponder. Similar to Shakespeare – “To write, or not to write…that is the question!

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