To touch one living soul

After contemplation I have come to this conclusion about blogging. I will continue to blog. It’s not that I am such a genius, or the very best writer on the block. It’s just that for me, to touch one living soul, with a word, a photo, a thought…..whatever… to love!

In my heart of hearts I believe we are supposed to love one another. I have over my lifetime been through an actual living hell. Much more than once. On a list of the 50 greatest causes of stress, I have only NOT experienced two of them.

I’ve never been fired and I’ve never killed anyone. Well, I’ve killed mosquitos and flies, but they are nasty to me. Mosquitos suck your blood and can inject you with a death sentence. Sometimes I wonder if they carry blood from an HIV person and a drop could infect another person that they bite?. Flies throw up on you. I’ve heard worse but don’t know if it’s true so I won’t write about it.

Back to the decision. I believe over my lifetime I have “learned lessons” and have a bit of wisdom. I am also not done learning! So to blog offers me the chance to perhaps touch one living soul with a bit of wisdom, therein loving; it also
allows me to read and learn and share with others.

Can’t get rid of me that easy. (hee hee). It also allows me to release my innermost thoughts about life and all it’s joys
and sorrows. As a stress management specialist, I know when a person writes (or speaks) about things, it allows those
thoughts to be released and shared. Good or bad, they are out in the open. Out in the open means the beginning of healing.

So remember – if someone reads this, for me, mission accomplished..I’ve honestly loved! If no one does, and I’ve released my feelings, mission accomplished. Looks like a win-win scenario to me:)

3 Responses to “To touch one living soul”

  1. marlajayne Says:

    My sentiments exactly! A colleague was ribbing me earlier today by saying that I’d become a blogging fanatic. He may well be correct.

    As a teacher, I’ve had years (okay, decades) of wonderful experiences of sharing ideas, thoughts, events, and so forth with others…and vice versa. However, it’s not quite the same as blogging. Of course, you already know that. Just this week, I’ve learned about someone getting breast implants, someone’s thoughts as he approaches death, a scared 30 something year old who’s going back to college, a teenager who feels that his parents are losers, several people whose hearts are broken because of the end of love relationships, parents who are grieving over the loss of their children, someone struggling with diet and body image, several someones who delight in the scriptures…and the list goes on and on. You just never know what’s going on in the interior (mind and heart) of a person when you see her. Learning more about my fellow humans makes me feel more connected to them; we’re all in this together.

    P.S. When I can think of something pithy (or even just positive), I post it, for it’s easy to see that many fellow (and sister!) bloggers are reaching out.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Wow! Your comments were awesome and REALLY show the heart of blogging. I so appreciate all your thoughts and you taking the time to share. YOU ROCK! Love permeates
    Blogland today!

  3. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Hey Marsha,
    You’ve just got to keep blogging (even if you did post that gross stuff about flies and mosquitoes – yech). I take encouragement from your constant good humour and uplifting comments.
    Life has had its rough moments lately. I’ve lots of wonderful family and friends that work at keeping me in good spirits, but there’s one that is doing just the opposite, with vengeance.
    When you speak with your good thoughts, I take strength, and I’m very appreciative for that.
    Hope your day is wonderful.

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