Face paste – Women’s Makeup – Lips to die for……

Well, that isn’t really what this is all about. It is about how to AFFORD all the “stuff” that is advertised because we NEED
it to be beautiful (Choke!).


One of the things I really protest is the cost of these items: lipstick, face makeup, blemish cover, eyeliner, mascara, etc.etc.etc. YOUNG women have been convinced that in order to be beautiful one must indulge in these expensive items. NOT!

Youth itself is beautiful naturally. The pheromones that attract the opposite sex will still be present without makeup. What is really attractive and sexy (I’ve learned over the years) is a beautiful smile and CONFIDENCE. Not conceited behavior, but a confident woman exudes sex appeal all over the place – or so I’ve been told! 🙂

Youth does not end at 29. I know women who are in their late forties who wear very little to enhance their look and they are still stunning. Good health, a vibrant personality, a great sense of humor – these things are all very sexy too.

I won’t lie. I’ve worn mascara, eyeliner and various types of lipstick and glosses for a long time. I have also used blemish cover on occasion. I do know that some women really do benefit from wearing face makeup, particularly if they have had complexion problems or scarring of some sort. That can be a blessing for self-confidence.

Just remember it is YOUR DEMEANOR that is attractive; your smile. A woman could be drop dead beautiful and have a scowl on her face, or be bitchy, and that woman will get uglier by the minute. You’ve seen it happen. With guys too.

Use makeup moderately and then when you go snorkeling or swimming you won’t have it smeared all over your face.
Or if you take it off you won’t shock someone by the different (not less attractive) but different look. Here’s a tip too.
Waterproof mascara does often work, but after years of useage, it will pull your eye lashes out permanently…one by one.

Back to the jest of this post. Did an experiment and got some “free samples” of some VERY expensive makeup. Enough to use for several months. This makeup, after using it for over three months did exactly what other cheap makeup did for me. Practically nothing. Couldn’t see a difference in any way at all. Interesting, eh?

Look at the photo again. I am a stickler for not wasting because of the expense of these items. When I get to the bottom of a tube I cut it and put the remainder in a small container. You would be surprised how much is wasted just because you can’t get to it.

I dig out lipsticks and combine some. I have actually come up with colors that I can’t find at the stores, and they are great.
These days I use a light face makeup to even out my skin tone, but I mix that too. I buy a cheap brand of makeup, a color that is a bit darker than I like. Then I grab one of my containers and start the mix. I add sunscreen and a moisturizer I like. (Ponds is inexpensive and I swear it is a wonderful moisturizer. )

I met a woman with it in her hand and asked her how long she had been using it. She looked lovely. She told me for years and then shocked me. She was in her 80’s. I would NEVER have guessed. She said she mixes just a bit of lanolin with it.
I now do the same and I love it. Mama also used it and so the fragrance brings a memory that is precious to me.

Anyway, if I know I am going to be out in the woods or where a mosquito might be, I also put in a bit of Avon’s mosquito repellent. Lovely light fragrance. The result is no waste, inexpensive and mixed to my skin tones.

I do throw away mascara and eyeliner. Important to be careful with the eyes. As far as lipstick and glosses, I usually add a bit of lip conditioner or balm to the mix of color. Makes it creamy and almost delicious!

So if you are on a budget, or if you want to really wear colors mixed especially for you, wash out some old small containers and become your own makeup artist. More expensive is NOT ALWAYS better!

3 Responses to “Face paste – Women’s Makeup – Lips to die for……”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    It is crazy how the desire for a clear complexion and flawless skin has persuaded women over the centuries to baste themselves with a variety of substances, ranging from chalk, rice powder to arsenic powder and to use concoctions using a variety of sticky ingredients as a base. My mother didn’t use any creams or unguents – just made sure her skin was clean, and shelooked good most of her life. I am adhering to her practice of natural simplicity. it works for me. G

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    The culprit, I believe, is in the advertising! We are so slammed with it that one begins to
    believe it! Thanks for your comments. Arsenic? Wow!

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