What the hell are they thinking?

New uniforms for the Border Patrol on the horizon, I recently read. A military style uniform. They will have flexible cargo pants, a quick release plastic belt, and cloth badges. They will look more like policemen than border patrol officers.

Now correct me if my math is wrong (I am TERRIBLE in math!) There are 14,000 officers. The uniforms will cost the government $7.5 million dollars! Is that $535,714. per uniform, or is my math wrong?

In any case, this is to me, disgraceful. Just like the millions wasted to “get elected”, and the millions spent on the inaugural balls after.

3 Responses to “What the hell are they thinking?”

  1. coollikeme Says:

    Government waste!!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Ahhh, if we had the list to add this too, we might be down right ill!

  3. Matt the heathen Says:

    7.5 million / 14 thousand = $534 and 72 cents

    $500 per officer might not be too bad. A good pair of boots, plus a couple pairs of pants and a few shirts per person…
    Expensive, but not out of this world… I know police uniforms here in Canada would cost at least that much…

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