Covet? Me? YEP!

Time to write a post as my family has made a stop to visit aunts and cousins “on the way.” They will arrive tomorrow. My sister called last night and said my hubby and I should drive to Utah and join the group. She was just trying to be loving and was excited.

I got jealous. I can’t believe I did, but I did. The family was supposed to be here with me today.My darling husband works and can’t just pick up and leave (though he deserves a wonderful trip).

My niece and nephews live in a beautiful mountain community,and they have motorcycles and horses, and were having a BBQ…..I resented the fact that they were together and we were excluded. I resented the fact that I don’t have acreage and all the fun stuff to offer the family.

I was totally bummed as I figured the things I have for the children to do would now seem trite and not so much fun at all. I had dinner all planned and high expectations for today.

ME, ME, ME. Yes, it was all about me!

In reality, the more people who love my children and grandchildren, the better for them and their lives.. The more fun and exciting things they get to do – all the better! Meeting their “extended” family is wonderful for them. My son was having a blast with his cousins and everyone was very happy. What in the world was I thinking! I want them all to be happy and enjoying each other and loving life!


So now, with a new mind set, I will “endeavor” to keep those things in mind and be generous with my thoughts. After all, what I really want for my family (close and extended) is for them to be loving, happy and healthy! There you go. I fess up and make amends for my momentary negativity. I am going to take a breath and let that nasty stuff fly out my fingertips!

4 Responses to “Covet? Me? YEP!”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    I hear you, Marsha and can relate. Those kids will remember you for things you may not realize now are important, nor can predict – not just the fun distractions. Pleasure of family members takes so many different forms. But, of course, you already know and realize this! 🙂 G

  2. marlajayne Says:

    You’re entitled to some “momentary negativity” now and then. Although this is going to sound trite, it’s so true: You’re human and not yet perfect. You’re also a female, and one of the ways we work through things is by ventilating. Now that your “ME-NESS” is out of your system, you’ll be better prepared to greet your visitors with warm hugs and big smiles.

  3. Deborah Barlow Says:

    I love Pema Chodron’s advice for dealing with daily life: Precision, Gentleness, Leting Go. As she states it, be precise about what you are seeing and feeling. Then be gentle with yourself and others as you assess the reality you have perceived. It is then that you can truly let it go and release it. (Emphasis on “be gentle with yourself” for lots of us…)

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Fantastic advice. Thank you for sharing. Being precise about what we are seeing and feeling demands honesty. So many times people find it difficult to be honest about feelings. Our perceptions are melded with our emotions, and sometimes that alters, perhaps, a pure
    honesty, as we individually perceive according to our “selves” within. But she states advice
    to be heeded. I love the “be gentle with yourself” – I’ve often been my own worst enemy and more demanding than anyone else!

    I appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful day!

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