Telescope Budget problems

In Puerto Rico there is, suspended by steel cables and strung from 300 ft. towers, an array of antenna hangs above an aluminum bowl 1,00 feet in diameter that gazes into space. This is the largest and most sensitive radio telescope on earth.

It has an extraordinary history and one of the missions is to search for signs of intelligent life. It has made discoveries for decades.

IT IS THE ONLY FACILITY ON THE PLANET ABLE TO TRACK ASTEROIDS WITH ENOUGH PRECISION TO TELL WHICH ONES MIGHT PLOW INTO EARTH! It could save perhaps millions of lives. Yet, it may close down for a lack of “a few million” dollars – a pittance these days. This is insane.

The National Science Foundation has funded the dish, but told folks at Cornell University (who operate the facility), that if it cannot find outside sources in the next three years, it may need to close. It’s budget has been cut to free up money for new adventures. What the heck is the matter with those who fund the telescope!

Astronomers say it’s all back to politics, and not really a lack of good science. The cash crunch comes from a senior review last November….Come on – for any of you with money or clout, this is a great project to dedicate a “few” of your bucks to perhaps save the world.

Maybe the $12 million dollar gift the “queen of mean” left her dog should be donated! Surely with billions being wasted on war and throw away by political candidates to get elected, something can be done. All I can do is pass on what I know about it as I am not one of those with money to free up to help.

Please pass this information forward and perhaps something can be done via the posting of blogs! Thanks and have a beautiful day!


One Response to “Telescope Budget problems”

  1. Scope Says:

    Haha… In Macau, the rich throws $10000000 a nite on the table.
    Anyway, I got a forum up with some… temp technical problem.
    Here’s inviting old pal to come. But can only post when those chaps sorted out the Coding.

    I told me bro when I met him in China… instead of throwing so much money on gambling, why not use them well…

    But that’s their lifestyle.

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