Thoughts, rantings and positive awareness

My prayers and thoughts go to all who have lost their homes in Southern California.
Those fires are terrible and scary! I used to live in Big Bear Lake, so Arrowhead
was my neighboring town. So many folks hurt, so many animals killed and so many trees that absorb carbon dioxide (to help us breathe) – are gone.

The source of the beginnings – arson for three fires for sure. My husband thinks fire is the perfect terrorist devastation. I only know it is devastating for over half million people!

On the opposite end of my thought process, I find so many things in this country despicable that we can do little about these days. No wonder so many people hate
America (though I wish they could keep in mind, the majority of Americans are as unhappy about things as everyone else) and there is truly VERY little we can do about it! Even voting because of the way candidates are selected and the electoral college is outrageous and unfair.

Money talks in this world and for those of us who don’t have it – we are pretty much screwed and are only able to keep “Our personal worlds” running effectively and in a positive manner – hopefully!

You know rebuilding the multimillion dollar homes in Malibu will have a domino effect.
Insurance companies will have to put out at least a billion dollars, their profit will be much less, therein insurance rates will go up for everyone!

Off the subject. Do you know why the most insidious drug available (cigarettes) is still on the market? MONEY, of course. The US government collects $100 billion dollars a year in cigarette tax! Don’t know the stats on alcohol, but I am sure that’s pretty high too.

FYI : Did you know as an additive to that fine cigarette the manufacturers sweep up old tobacco from the floors to mix with tobacco that didn’t qualify as “good”? They also put in LOTS of chemicals (chocolate, butter, fat, glycerol – to mask the true taste), and call it “nicotine manipulation”.

The papers are a mix of things also, including ground stems and ammonia…they call these
techniques of using all the junk, the “reclaiming process”. Oh also, sugars are added to enhance the absorption of the nicotine in the body.

YES – cigarettes are addicting because they activate areas in the brain that sense pleasure.
However, my husband used to smoke a pack a day for many, many years. He decided to quit and did it cold turkey. It’s been 4 years now and he is so much healthier and happier-he also smells better and is saving a ton of money.

Think about it.

This rambling is about to end abruptly with one last thought. HAPPINESS IS A SKILL!
It takes practice to be happy regardless of stumbling blocks placed before all of us.
We each have our own things to challenge us. Please practice thinking before responding to a circumstance, and choosing happiness over anger and despair. It is a choice.

I want the best for you my human family!

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