Verbatim – Unexplained Phenomen

Normally I don’t copy material, but I found a very small article on the back page of the paper and I found it absolutely incredible – what do you think?

“A weird glow is visible in the night sky right now, and astronomers don’t know what to make of it. It’s an obscure and very faint comet that suddenly blazed into astonishing brilliance and is growing larger but dimmer-and while it’s still visible all night long, astronomers are puzzling over the unexpected outburst.”
“It’s really bizarre, said Joseph Miller, a University of California at Santa Cruz astronomer and former director of the Lick Observatory atop Mount Hamilton, near San Jose.”
(NOW HERE IS THE AMAZING PART TO ME) “That thing started out only a few miles in diameter, and suddenly it expanded at a thousand miles an hour until it was as big as the Earth within only a couple of days.” With a decent pair of binoculars-or even with unaided eyes-anyone can see the comet right now as a tiny, fuzzy, white object in the northern sky- wherever fog
doesn’t obscure the sight. It lies just inside the constellation Perseus, below the more familiar constellation Cassiopeia and due east of Polaris, the North Star. It’s called Comet 17P/Holmes and was discovered in 1892 by the British astronomer Edwin Holmes, who spotted it as it appeared to explode in what Holmes thought was an outbust of gas.”

Pretty interesting, eh? Any thoughts?

2 Responses to “Verbatim – Unexplained Phenomen”

  1. Basil Says:

    What is out there? Do we really know? What is next? Who is next?
    Where is ‘it’ all going? How far is it going? Is there … a end? WHEN is the end?


    After death?

    … – I WONDER – …

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You have some pretty profound thoughts Basil! Questions that are probably asked by us all at one time or another. A general answer, and a truthful one, is that NO ONE KNOWS THE
    ANSWERS TO ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS! Every philosophy, spiritual beliefs, and theories are
    all simply what we CHOOSE to keep in our hearts and minds. There is no definitive proof!

    Even as a Christian, I have no proof. I can stand for what I “believe” all day long, and tell you
    that I KNOW the Bible is full of love letters from God, and a plan for our future…..but these
    things have never been proven. So again, it must be your perception-what is in your own
    heart and mind.

    Personally now, I believe we are human beings, creations of the master creator, who are
    here inhabiting earth and were born to worship God and love one another. Simple as that! (Oh yes, and a Christian, for me – I KNOW Jesus is the only begotten son of God.
    It is something I never question. I am not brainwashed, but had a divine revelation within my heart and it touched my Spirit and my living soul.

    I also know that anyone who tells you “they have all the answers” are full of you know what! There are so many unanswered questions in my own mind…but what I do have is
    “peace beyond understanding” – and I don’t worry about what I “don’t” know! After all,
    I am only human.

    I take each moment of each day and try to live life fully, happily no matter what the circumstance, and appreciate all the little things we sometimes take for granted.

    Of course I would love everyone to believe my way – but I respect everyone’s right to
    choose for themselves and know I can only choose for myself.

    Phew! Didn’t mean to blast on. Oh, I have seen two flying saucers, I personally did
    not come from fish in the sea or a monkey, I have read the Book of Budda, the book of
    Mormon, and about 27 comparative books to scrutinize the Bible. I also think we may
    not be alone-but I don’t know for sure:).

    But for sure I know I appreciate your questions and taking the time to ask! Have a wonderful day. I think it’s ok NOT to know. Heck we could all die in the next 5 minutes.
    I promised God I am going out of this life happy, loving and believing!

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