Need a GREAT Christmas gift that keeps on giving?

There has been such a wonderful response to the sale of the relaxation CD’s, that as a thank you, I am offering (until December 10th) TWO for the price of one! SERIOUSLY, I love the fact people are willing to begin to change their lives for the better. STRESS IS A KILLER – physically and mentally!

Buy one for a peer in the office, someone at school, granny, perhaps someone recovering from an illness or even a major heart surgery (YES-it has helped men who never thought about “learning” to relax!)

These relaxation CD’s can change lives. If you don’t know what to get someone this is the gift that keeps on giving….Literally….25% of the sales will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans!

Life doesn’t have to be “critical” all the time. We can change the world by changing the stress level of the world – one person at a time! If you just don’t know what to get – GET THIS CD! Besides, where can you get two cool gifts for this price. Regularly $14.95 each, you get two for the price of one. That makes each CD reasonable for a gift – and if you care about the person at all – a very thoughtful gift!

Three relaxations, beautiful music, and easy instructions. What are you waiting for now?
Will be shipped same day and NO SHIPPING charges. Simply email or go to the website address on the cover picture.

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