Sometimes in life….

…..we get so busy and tired that we forget the good things – the small comments made that reflect love, the simple acts of kindness we do for one another, the promises kept.

The many blessings we take for granted aren’t recognized; only the things that present a disturbance in “our own personal vision” of what life should be. The responses of others not “in sync with our own perceptions” become eminent.

We forget that our bodies change and with each change we are affected in some minute way. We laugh one minute, and cry the next.

Ah that we could receive the luxurious love we bestow on the world. But to give love fully must be with no requirements. For if we love, we do it because we choose to do so. We cannot “force” others to love – only show them what it is!

Love someone with your mind and heart this weekend – a relative, a friend, a neighbor, a partner, maybe a pet! Animals need love too:) Now get busy!

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