Be kind to your animals – they are gifts!


Yes, I do spoil mine! Buck has been a friend, a protector, and lots of fun to hike with for 10+ years now. He has
his own couch, and the blanket is also a jacket for when it’s very cold. It’s unbelievable to me, but he also senses when I am sad (comes over and puts his head on my knee); when I’m mad (he comes up and looks at me and calms me down), and he has a vocabulary too. Lastly, he doesn’t care if I am a disaster to see-he loves me anyway!

All pets should be treated with kindness and appreciation. They offer unconditional love – and that’s something we humans should learn to practice more often.

2 Responses to “Be kind to your animals – they are gifts!”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    That’s the best place for Buck, his own sofa and blankie. He looks good to cuddle with and seeing him in this pic makes me miss my own two old dogs, one of whom looked juat like Buck, and both were my darlings. G

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Amen! Aren’t they wonderful friends! Hope you and all the family have a Merry Christmas
    and safe and happy new year. We’re off to the snow to visit family. God bless!

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