Kayak in January

Went to Whiskeytown yesterday with my girl friend. It was brisk, but there wasn’t a ripple on the water. There wasn’t a soul out there except us – bundled up and picnic in hand. We kayaked a bit and I saw a wonderful photo opportunity. Check out the eagle.
I was ready to snap a reflection of trees on the still water and heard a bird fly off. It was a huge eagle. Still on the branch was the mate. Sitting so proudly, he stayed until I paddled almost on shore. Then off he flew. What a sight. The second photo is of Shasta Bail with some snow (over 6,000 ft.) and the still water reflecting it’s beauty. Lastly, late in the afternoon we sat having our picnic and I looked down at the kayaks and the sparkling water, and just thought it lovely – so hope you enjoy!eagle2.jpgbali-and-reflection-108.jpgkayaks-and-sparkles1.jpg

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