The Here and the Now

Learn to appreciate the HERE and NOW : Last night I was thinking how boring doing the dishes was after washing millions of dishes in my lifetime. Then for some reason it suddenly hit me.

I wondered how difficult it would be to wash these dishes if I were blind.
I closed my eyes and attempted to wash the rest of the dishes. IT WAS SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT THAN I IMAGINED!

When I opened my eyes I realized I had used the sense of “touch” to make sure the dishes were clean. I had to really use my hands to find what I was looking for, and it was tough.

Then my mind really began to race. I thought of all the tasks I do and how easily I can do them. I have eyes to see, legs to walk, ears to hear, and arms to use. Many of our veterans (and citizens who’ve never been through the horror of war) are not so fortunate.

Then I thought of 3/4’s of the world not having a toilet to clean, or running water to get a drink, or a bed to curl in at night. Oh my God – and I
mean no disrespect – my God -how I am so grateful for all those things I take for granted every day.

I think I will use my vocal cords tonight when I do the dishes and sing a
little song of thanks for all that we are given that are dismissed as less than a blessing!

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