Check this out: I have a friend who is a few years older than me, and she decided to take an “early social security” She called me today almost in tears. Her husband earns what would now be classified as a “low middle class amount”. They have grown children. They
pay their dues.

She just picked up her income tax (prepared by an IRS savvy) office, and this is what she was told: “Your husband makes too much money and so they taxed 80% of your social security benefits!”

She said she swore and proclaimed that to do that is taxing that money TWICE. “I know,”
the woman replied, “I think it stinks, but there is nothing we can do about it. That is taxing you twice on the same money!”

So listen up, my friends, if you are in the group that will soon be able to collect what you paid into to all your working life – be prepared to be told, “BEND OVER, THIS WON’T TAKE LONG!” Be prepared to be disappointed AGAIN by our wonderful government! I know that sounds extreme, for me, but it made me mad too.

Our government donates BILLIONS to other countries (Pakistan alone gets $250 million a MONTH)….Individuals spend millions to get elected, and then millions for the party thereafter.

But if our hard working middle class has a small dream of getting a return for donating their entire lives being honorable and working-and not using the system, forget it!

You either have to be RICH or POOR. There is no room for in between and the hard working “in betweener’s” are biting the dust. Might as well give up and join the ranks of the poor who don’t pay for much of anything. No slam against those who REALLY are honorable and need it.

You know what? I don’t care which of the three main candidates gets elected – ANYBODY
has to be better than what we’ve seen in past years! We need change.

Oh by the way, are you familiar with “super delegates”? Another ridiculous thing our government does – check it out!

ADDENDUM to last post. My records were sent to a doctor who is NOT in my health care network. I do have some insurance, but if I didn’t, he doesn’t take cash. I ask about getting records and was told it would cost me a fee up front and 25 cents a page to get them. “The records belong to the doctor” I was told. EVEN if he disappears and doesn’t notify one person….now the doctor he sent the records to OWNS them for 10 years unless you buy them or have them requested to be mailed to another doctor.

B.S. Boy am I glad I get copies of my records each time I visit a doctor’s office. They
can keep those things for 10 years or do whatever else they want to do with them – I have a suggestion. :0

Now I will take a breath and step outside to “divert” my own attention to something I actually have some choice in….taking the dog for a walk!

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