Trade with China

It’s not the Chinese “people” I am angry with, nor should outsiders be angry with the “American people.”
It’s the almighty dollar and those who control the most of it that are to blame.

I want to know why we trade with China. A communist country-bad dog food that killed our dogs, toys that are dangerous for children, and now people close to me being taken off critical medications because ingredients were made in China and are dangerous!

I know why “they” trade with China. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Let’s close another American company and move to China where we can get things made cheaper, with less quality, and oftentimes life threatening!
Oh well, if it makes some richer, isn’t that enough? Not for me.

We are among the working poor – dragged down by rising prices on everything. Making less money, with less benefits that 3 years ago.

Could this be the beginning of the end? Though my comments are written with intense belief and fire,
I will not drag my life down, nor the lives of those who are in my world, with a negative face and heart.
I will rise above the distress and take life moment by moment, with a good attitude. That is how I
cope and enjoy the MOMENTS of my life on this planet.

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