Interesting facts and some things that should make us all appreciate what we enjoy in life!

Obama bought a home that cost $165 million dollars. Guess that’s not much when you consider people like movie stars, Oprah, Donald Trump, etc. I am selling ours for $223,500. Want to buy it?

China has 1.3 BILLION people. Talk about problems.

In Zimbabwe the life expectancy is 35 years old, and the unemployment rate there
is 80%.

There was 80% unemployments here in the USA when FDR was in office – much less now.
Time magazine
The widely stated accusation that plastic bags kill 100,000 animals and a million seabirds every year are false, experts have (scientists) told The Times of London. They pose only a minimal threat to most marine species, including seals, whales, dolphins and seabirds.Retailers and some pressure groups, including the Campaign to Protect Rural England, threw their support behind him, and similar movements have spread across the United States.
But scientists, politicians and marine experts attacked the British government for joining a “bandwagon” based on poor science.
“The Government is irresponsible to jump on a bandwagon that has no base in scientific evidence,” said Lord Taverne, the chairman of Sense about Science. “This is one of many examples where you get bad science
leading to bad decisions which are counter-productive.
Fox News

The US gives Pakistan $250 million a month. This year we will give an additional $750 million.

Last month intelligence director, John Mc Connel told the Seate Armed services committee that “al-Qaeda is forging stronger operational connections that radiate outward from their camps in Pakistan to affiliated groups and networksthroughout the world.

Time Magazine

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