Love the sky, stars, sun, moon, and clouds!




These photos were snapped while I was “out and about” running errands – on several different days. I
looked up, grabbed my handy camera (which I carry all the time) and snapped!

The rain cloud was almost ready to burst in this first photo. The second was just a lovely sky with clouds, and the third was stunning. When I looked – the blue was so deep and the little white cloud so white!

My favorite? The rain clouds, of course. They were so massive and wild.

What a beautiful and wonderful world we have if we just remember to LOOK!

9 Responses to “Love the sky, stars, sun, moon, and clouds!”

  1. Ben Gaskell Says:

    Hi great pictures. I was wondering if I could use one with photoshop and create something for my portfolio. I’m a student from Leeds, England and looking to build my portfolio to show employers.



    • Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

      Ben – I know it’s been two years – but I don’t believe I ever got your comment before today!
      I would be honored for you to use any photo I take. I actually have a folder of the sky and clouds……

  2. fazidah ser Says:

    hye marsha. i LOVE snap sky pix as well and i think we’ve the same interest 🙂 check tis out –

  3. Luis Says:

    That cloud over the roof looks like Iceland.

  4. jmsabbagh Says:

    Absolutely beautiful.Jalal Michael

  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you. We are so blessed.

  6. Ben Talam Says:


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