“The clean energy scam.”

I only COPY material that I believe is important enough to post. Last time I did this I did not name the source. This time I know to do so, and the selected paragraphs come from Time Magazine.

“ Hyped as an eco-friendly fuel, ethanol increases global warming, destroys forests and inflates food prices.”

“Worldwide investment in biofuels rose from $5 billion tin 1995 to $38 billion in 2005 and is expected to top $100 billion by 2010.”

“But several new studies show the biofuel boom is doing exactly the opposite of what its proponents intended: it’s dramatically accelerating global warming, imperiling the planet in the name of saving it.”

“Meanwhile, by diverting grain and oilseed crops from dinner plates to fuel tanks, biofuels are jacking up world food prices and endangering the hungry.”

“Deforestation accounts for 20% of all current carbon emissions. So unless the world can eliminate emissions from ALL other sources-cars, power plants, factories, even flatulent cows – it needs to reduce deforestation or risk an environmental catastrophe.”

….”But the world is still going to be fighting an uphill battle until it realizes that right now, biofuels aren’t part of the solution at all. They’re part of the problem.”

2 Responses to ““The clean energy scam.””

  1. silvercharm Says:

    I think you should be questioning those studies attacking biofuels. Who conducted the studies? how was the research, if any, done? Who funded the studies? I sense that the studies are an attempt by big business and particularly “oil”, to maintain the status quo. For every known healthy food and activity out there, there is always a study coming out downplaying the benefits. Don’t buy into their nonsense. They would like nothing more than to keep things as they are; even if it’s becoming clearer every day that we must continue to build sustainability and encourage new technologies.
    Solar power has to be encouraged. Yet there will always be someone out there who wants us to drag our feet on that too.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I agree that solar power is the way to go. I always question what I read – and you may be
    correct about your “attempt by big business” theory….I was just passing along what I’d read in Time Magazine for folks to make their own decision.

    Personally, I think we’ve been under the control of big money for decades. I think our choices in this life are limited to “OUR OWN personal world and circle of friends and loved ones.” I give accolades to those who try to fight what is happening – their spirits and hearts are true, nonetheless, I firmly believe nothing will change as big money rules this planet.

    Therein comes the title of my blog: RELAX, IT’S JUST LIFE. We can only change our own worlds by being the best we can and true to what we personally believe…loving and kind.
    Unless we have big money that is it! (In my humble opinion). I don’t think it’s THIS
    world and life on it are the end of things anyway. THANKS for taking time to share your terrific thoughts!

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