I am grossly out of step with the new format!

I wasn’t even “in step” with the old….just faking it. I might have a bit of time now, in between welcoming new babies in the family, to read a bit and try to understand. I learn easily by watching – but reading takes me a while longer. It really takes longer since all of this is just like new language to me. Yes, I have written 200+ posts – but I write, and that’s what I do. I take photographs too. Those things are a piece of cake!~ Putting together this blog seems like a real challenge to me!A great alternative to PLASTIC BAGS
This is a GREAT alternative to plastic bags. Most aren’t as they are way too small.
I found this hummer at Safeway and the price was $4.99 (but it’s a deal since you get two!). We all have to do our parts in trying to save the planet. It’s for damn sure the corporations and $$$$$ making machines will still keep cranking out the plastic bottles, and useless other plastic containers. Don’t you love getting a prescription with a bottle that is six times larger than the amount in it? What’s up with that?
This dandy little bag folds small and fits right in a glove compartment or purse. Very cool.
Okay, I lied. My weekend “may” be pretty busy and then Monday through Thursday I
will be staying with my daughter and her new baby daughter – so I probably won’t get back again till the end of next week. I love reading all the wonderful and unique posts on wordpress and wish I could respond to so many that I just don’t have time to do so!
Anyway, it’s been fun (again-rather adictive, eh?)…..keep on being happy! It is the best choice. I tried being miserable. It sucked, so I gave it up! Really.
Now I am (and have been for many moons) the human happy face. Speaking of moons….full moon sunday so if things are “out of sorts” or “out of wack” or just plain weird, it could be the full moon coming on! Be aware and CREATE the best weekend ever for you and those around you….what you give WILL come back to you. Make it wonderful!

3 Responses to “I am grossly out of step with the new format!”

  1. JeanneE Says:

    The Easy Tote in your pic looks good – it looks like it would hold a lot. I collect the fabric bags that some stores offer (I say “collect” because I sometimes forget to bring them shopping with me, so I buy more πŸ˜‰ I find them useful for other things around the house – not just for shopping. I’m hoping that eventually they’ll ban plastic shopping bags altogether.

  2. marsha o'brien Says:

    Thanks Jeanne. I appreciate your comments. Particularly since the last few times I went to
    the store I forgot my bags! πŸ™‚ That is why I started putting these in my purse. I will post a
    photo today showing how nicely they fold up. You know what bites is that “they” (I know who you mean) present us with “things” to enhance our lives, and then “they” tell us how bad they are and someone makes a profit for selling us the good bags! The never-ending
    game. I hold they will ban them altogether too.

  3. Injurer Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Injurer.

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