God Research

“– University of Oxford researchers will spend nearly $4 million to study why mankind embraces God. The grant to the Ian Ramsey Center for Science and Religion will bring anthropologists, theologians, philosophers and other academics together for three years to study whether belief in a divine being is a basic part of mankind’s makeup.”

“One researcher said anthropological and philosophical research suggests that faith in God is a universal human impulse found in most cultures around the world.”
I found this little blurb made me chuckle. How on earth do they plan to “study” this particular subject. I’d do it for a lot less money, but I think I can give you my theory today for nothing!

I’m all for God. Of course there is a basic part of mankind’s makeup that is universal.
We ALL are searching for something. Remember that passion inside to “find what you are looking for in seeking happiness and peace?”

Have you ever heard that when you hold close to you whatever your faith proclaims, or whatever you have found true to be God, that you enjoy that “PEACE BEYOND UNDERSTANDING.”

As a Christian (my own one world kind) I have believed for decades that the emptiness people feel comes from not filling the place in our hearts that God himself put there to be “nourished and filled” with love for him and praise for him.

We need food and water. We need exercise. These things nourish our earthly body.
Our living soul. Our Spirit that is housed within needs nourishment too. The living
waters…..like an organ withers as it doesn’t get the nutrients and things it needs to
survive…..we cannot live FULLY without God.

As the Master, Spiritual leader, and Father OF US ALL he gave us
strong bodies, intellect, and the built in human impulse to seek Him. When faith comes alive and powerful in us, it fills that gap and heals us. It empowers us and that impulse becomes a passion to reflect his love and peace.

It brightens our lives and that light is a beam for others. The peace comes because that
Spirit that was given us within becomes powerful and radiant. In my humble opinion,
we were made to worship God, love each other, and we were given the free will to make our choices in which direction we choose to go.

Some think the “narrow” road means no fun, no life, so strict and cold. Phooey! God
wants us to have fun and enjoy our lives, and the narrow road (I believe) is simply
only big enough to have faith and love within the perimeter of it.

As we cling to our faith the road will open to make our lives full and happy. We don’t
cling for fear (though I have great respect for God’s awesome power and might), we
cling to worship, give thanks for our lives and the ability to CHOOSE, and for the power of love!

That inborn human impulse is real. Anyone who has love and USES it….anyone who
firmly walks with personal faith….and remembers to thank God and use the power of prayer….will find inner peace that rocks!

I’m not telling you to THINK the way that I do, or believe what I believe. But I am telling you that when you quit resisting believing in something, more profound that can be seen, your life will improve in increments and peace will find you!

You can’t literally SEE the wind, but you know it’s there. The leaves on trees whisper it, the chimes hanging on the porch sing of it, the sails on a boat fill and move it, the signs are all there when the wind is active.

Look around you. Take a chance. When you feel alone or that your vessel is empty,
take a chance and see if you can find what your living soul NEEDS to thrive and survive.

No one has all the answers, but I promise if you open your heart and seek God- He will find you!

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