Puppy orphans

My neighbor’s black lab died when she gave birth. Four pups were fine and two had died inside her
and she became septic. After $2,000. trying to help her stay alive – she still dyed. Only 4, she
was my neighbor’s best friend.

I am helping with the feeding of these pups. They are 4 weeks old and no more bottles (thank
heaven-that was a job)….cute little pups; two male and two female. Now they just chow down and when they are finished they cuddle and sleep. This day I hated to move! What fun.

2 Responses to “Puppy orphans”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Poor, motherless wee’uns! But they have good surrogate mothering in you and your friend. They sure look healthy, zonked out as they are between the jean-clad legs. Such snugglers, pups, and so labour-intensive to bottle feed. But so satisfying to see tnem flourish, I bet! i’d love to take the second one from the bottom, a blackie! Just gorgeous. We have just adopted an 8 year-old female scottie who was retired from breeding. She is black too and completely adorable. Her pups must have been beautiful. The last birth she had was by caesarian. Apparently she was too pooped to push them out herself – seven of the little ones.
    These little ones of your will make amazing pets, as they are already completely patterned on human beings. They will be hard to part with when the time comes. ENJOY! G

  2. Tammy Says:

    We had something similar happen. My mom raises Chihuahua and the mother had died during birth as well. We had 4 pups that survived and 1 that past away during birth. We however did not have to bottle feed because my Golden had pups and they were already weaned.

    So, the Golden took care of the babies. We lost 2 boys during this time but the 2 girls were strong and became healthy, fat little Chihuahua’s. I will have to find some pictures because it looks hysterical. The pups were the size of a thumb, nursing on a golden. I will never forget it.

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