Does anyone recognize the PAIN?

Trying to find the reason an acquaintance has pain. She says it’s always in the right side of her hip and this is how she describes it:

“It comes on in a micro-second and is sharp. It stops me dead in my tracks. When I force a move or two, the pain is still there and sometimes jabs me again sharply. I find myself limping immediately to try to quell the pain.

I notice that when I climb up or down, sometimes the pain sometimes comes on. It hurts so badly that I am cautious even after the event. Sometimes long after I can feel almost like a tiny constant pain, a reminder that this was an event!”

If you have experienced similar pain please share your thoughts with me and perhaps we can work
to do something to help her….at least, if you know from whence the pain originates, it seems to help. It’s the unknown that is fearful.

Thanks for any and all input! We humans need to help one another.

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