The Promise

As a small child she said:“LORD, I am
nothing without you.
You are my sunrise, and my sunset.
You make me laugh and smile, and
dream with the highest of hopes.”

You said, “It shall be all right, if you just believe in me,
Listen to your spirit within, follow God’s laws,
and know that I really do forgive you.
No matter what.

It’s been said that when people get older they
fear death and begin a crusade towards God.

“I remember” said the oldest of women, once that young child.
“You told me if I believed in you, and listened to my spirit ,
you would forgive all my foolishness. That you would open
your arms to me. I believed you then and I believeyou now.”
She smiled.

As she begin to slip into light sleep, a
nurse remembered what she used to say:
“Good-by” to “Hither”, and “Hello” sweet “ yonder.”

She died within the hour, leaving the earth, this place of many
sorrows, and astounding joys. She left with a smile on her face.

Her last words were “LOOK OUT, HERE I COME!”

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