Save our children!

I live in Shasta County, N. California. We had a wonderful storm last weekend but it left us with over 100 fires that are only (maximum) 10% contained. The valley I live in is filled with smoke, and the forecast for the weekend is more storms.

I am not complaining as there are so many things that are happening around the USA and the world.
Our plight is minimal in comparison. I was just thinking of all the wildlife, and all the trees that take
in carbon monoxide, and all the children who won’t see the forests as they have been for so many years. I also think of the men and women who risk their lives to help.

What I want to address is the children. God bless the children. We need to make them tough and survival savvy. This world is not an easy home to live in, but these children deserve the best we can offer them. To me that is love, teaching them about faith in more than is visible to the eye, providing the basic needs, and the ability to survive – with a mind that can rise above any trauma or great suffering.

Let’s be frank. This world is about suffering. I can’t tell you why for sure, but one thing I do know for sure…..there is more than meets the eye. I keep my faith regardless. It is my right , my empowerment, and my shield and sword for the times I face here on earth.

I don’t know WHY…..but I do know that when it comes to life and death, people pull together. All the differences meld into one power to help those that need it. I am not talking about governments. I am talking about people. We the people.

The worst of it is, we cannot help ALL those in need….but only those who are near us. I was born a peasant, I’ve been told, but my mind continuously remembers to elevate above and beyond what the dollar amount in hand seems to dictate as upper class.

You can’t buy “class” (in my humble opinion). You are born with it – or not! Class to me is the depth of your heart and not your pocketbook.

SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!! Stop child abuse, physically and sexually. To me the most insidious crime is against children. They are the innocents. IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS PHYSICALLY ABUSING A CHILD, OR GOD FORBID, SEXUALLY ABUSING ONE…TELL SOMEONE!!!

I watched a woman beat the hell out of this little child in the backseat of her car for just long enough to intervene. The baby was under two. Maybe I could have been shot or hurt, but how can a person stand by and watch this kind of travesty?

The woman was jolted back into reality. She had lost her cool-it wasn’t the child, it was a stacking up of circumstances and the child triggering her anger by some “child-like” action. She stopped.

I am not a hero. I am a person. A human. I believe I would be inhuman not to say something!


God bless all of you who are going through hard times, whether it be the elements, financial, or other……keep thoughts elevated and be YOURSELF no matter what anyone else thinks!

2 Responses to “Save our children!”

  1. Brenda Says:

    You mention one of the harshest realities for me, “we cannot help ALL those in need” and, as a result, I agree that we need to help where we can. I think children are a priority and, for most of us, our very instincts tell us this.

    In my own philosophical life, I often struggle with the word, “sin.” Most days I’m not sure I really believe in it — at least the way many of us bandy that word about when we’re talking about the short-comings of others! Then, when I consider crimes against children … the sheer malice and desire to destroy innocence … at those times I know that sin does exist. Evil and the force of destruction exists.

    Luckily the force of love also abounds (evidenced by several of your other recent posts). I’d like to think there is more love in the world than hatred … and that anytime we put our love into motion, by doing what we can where we can, that we help right those wrongs.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for your insight and incredible comments. My heart goes out to all those in Indonesia who suffer 6.0 earthquakes every week or so as a common “happening” now, and to the folks in the mid-west with the floods, and to so many people I cannot help! I pray, I send positive thoughts, I send food and clothing when there is a call for such things, and a pittance of money when possible.

    It seems often the poorest of peoples, and the poorest of children are doomed to suffer the most. But INTENTIONAL crimes against the innocents are the most insidious.

    YOU ARE CORRECT. The force of love abounds and I too believe there is more love in the world than hatred. Alas, hatred and horror take position in the media as the most important and newsworthy items.

    You are correct again, I believe, by doing what we can where we can, we can put love into action. I still believe there is MORE POWER in LOVE than most of us dream….it’s a matter of calling upon, and using that power.

    For any of you who haven’t been to Brenda’s blog – YOU MUST GO! It is great!

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