the God Festival

I think today should be a God Festival! For an entity, a being no one can see or touch since recorded history, man has kept Him as the top topic of conversation!

Believer, agnostic, or atheist, if the word “GOD” comes into play, you have touched a serious, if not volatile place in each person’s heart.

Wars have been fought “in the name of God”. Prayers of kindred nature have been prayed by millions of humans. Prayers of a personal nature have been prayed as well.

I shall venture to say that in a time of crisis or great individual need, probably ninety-nine percent of humans have cried out,
“Oh God!”……..

When news arrives that our troops are safe from the battle, we say, without thinking, “Thank God.”

There are even people who have prayed, “just in case” there really is a god out there in the distant place of time and space.

When people age and feel the withering on the vine eminent,
a large majority of the elderly draw closer to God. I have heard that when close to death many people, even non-believers, call out to an unseen God to forgive them, and accept them to the place beyond all our perceptions.

So from me to God, thank you for being the center of the world’s attention since we were able to keep records. Thank you for being so important to each of us that we can’t stop thinking about you. Thank you for your awesome GIFTS and patience!

THIS DAY I CELEBRATE GOD! This day I declare a festival in His name.

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