DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Money “matters”…..

As if the middle class isn’t struggling already with high prices on EVERYTHING and no wage increase!
BE CAREFUL….I got the bill from a Juniper credit card and there was $129.99 charged on my account.
NOT MINE>some credit card protection card company, that I NEVER dealt with, had charged as if I had
joined their “protection” business. It has taken me almost two months of continuous harping, calling, writing, to finally get them to agree it is bogus. Now it will take 45 days to come off the card.

Here’s another JUNIPER (don’t get these cards) error. I was to be given credit for a returned item.
They never gave me credit and then when I began that fight, because that charge was the only balance on the card (and it was in dispute) – I didn’t pay the minimum payment. Then I got charged a $39.00
late fee and $1.00 service fee. Needless to say, but I will, I got those charges removed after wanting
to strangle the telephone. Still “researching” this dispute – I have proof….still takes 1 second to get charged and months to clear it up.

Check your phone bills carefully – I’ve been stung there too. Here’s the topper today I checked my bank on line and a fitness club I quit in April (their money management team – ABC FINANCIAL) withdrew monthly charges from my checking account. THEY HAD NO AUTHORIZATION TO DO THIS!
I gave them a voided check when I joined as they told me it was “necessary” to join…..but I signed
no authorization to have anyone withdraw automatically; I always paid cash.

BE CAREFUL. It’s your money! I have time to fight these things but it’s a pain in the ass, and for those of you with small children-you are already overloaded with responsibility.

WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN, READ ALL CONTRACTS, and don’t take the word of some bimbo that
stands behind the desk in a health club. (I can say that as I have managed a health club and know there are some bimbos hired – also some talented young women).


And……take a breath! I am right now:)

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