addendum to money matters

I don’t believe that sounded right in the post title yesterday: Money matters was meant as in business and family matters. It wasn’t meant that money really matters (it’s just paper that is worth less today than yesterday!) But of course we must have money to pay the bills and provide for our families. My husband always says “We have to pay to live.” That is sad, but true. Money is NOT relevant to what REALLY matters – such as love, family, friendship, and so forth.

Just wanted to clarify that. Oh by the way…when you are right be sure to follow up on it immediately. My bank account account was credited with the money that the health club withdrew yesterday. Right is might!

That’s all for now as I am working on several projects; one of which is another post for this blog. 🙂

Pat yourself on the back and take a breath. Enjoy THE moments of your life for they are fleeting, never to be enjoyed again. CHOOSE joy no matter what! Everything will be okay!

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