Me, the ant, and God

Today I watched a tiny ant scurry around the counter-top in my kitchen. It was frantic, or so it appeared to me. It seemed not to know which direction to take, moving one way, then turning the other.

After a few moments I focused on my initial goal again. I had to do it. I simply put my finger on the ant and squished it. I said, “I’m sorry” and I meant it. I did feel badly but I needed to get on with my plan for my world.

I hoped I wouldn’t have to deal with doing that again, but presumed it might happen. After all, I chose not to have the home fumigated. I didn’t place ant traps everywhere.

I know everything has to have a place to live. I hoped the ants would choose to live outside where I expected them too. I don’t like killing anything; even a tiny ant, and yet again today I was forced to kill more ants! I had no choice. They have the outdoors to live and roam around in.

They simply made the wrong choice. I don’t know whether ants think or not, but certainly not on the level of human intellect. I know they probably didn’t even know they were invading my territory.

Nonetheless, it is my space and within my domain I am the ultimate boss! So if thought of as cruel or not, I still am the boss. If I choose to put ant traps out now, or simply spray ant poison everywhere that is just the way it is. But know this. I am not cruel or unloving. I am patient and kind and will always go the extra mile. But there is a point when you have to draw the line.

If little ants have some kind of spirit I know they will understand the protocol some time in future days. If they are empty vessels then there will no need for understanding. That’s just the way it is.

I guess I am god to those ants. They probably didn’t see me coming, or maybe they weren’t paying attention or didn’t care. Now I’m thinking about my God, and His protocol with the human kind, in His domain. You think about it too.

Kayaking up a lazy river on a hot summer day. Hope you enjoy the ride. 🙂

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