Love your children? Read on……

This is important!

Just in case you hadn’t heard, I am reporting to you two things I think are very
very important. I know if you love your children that their health and well being are a
top priority.

1. Doctors, because of the “weight” problem our children, have begun to
recommend that children have their cholesterols checked (oftentimes) as early as two years old.

Some in the medical community have suggested that if the cholesterols are high, the children should start taking drugs like “statin” to lower cholesterols.

I CALL GARBAGE!!! Let’s pay the pharmaceutical companies and their boosters (many in the medical community) to put our babies on drugs as early as possible. What a profit margin that would create for them all.

DON’T DO IT. Change your children are eating habits EARLY! Help them learn to exercise every day. Keep them healthy by doing the right things for them!

2. DON’T get your daughter the vaccine GARDASIL. Merck and the CDC are recommending 3 doses of the vaccine before a girl is sexually active to “guard against cervical cancer. I CALL BS! There have been over 8,000 young women who have had SERIOUS adverse effects. The CDC (probably gets kickbacks like some doctors), and MERCK (the pharmaceutical company of course) say the vaccine “appears safe.” Is that good enough for your child? I don’t think so.

Don’t be talked into doing these things. CHANGE YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES
by changing their habits – eating, exercise, and rest. YOU monitor your children and you can save their lives!

I never approved of Ritalin when it came out. I still don’t. Don’t drug your child. Take the time to help them yourselves. There may be a few children who truly have need to be medicated, but NOT the majority because we are too lazy to work with our children.

Too many adverse effects these “new wonder drugs” have on them, and the potential to hurt them seriously! Please don’t take the chance. PLEASE!


One Response to “Love your children? Read on……”

  1. Tammy Says:

    I 100% agree with you. I believe that we as parents need to take more responsibility for our children’s lifestyles. I know that there are some children that do need medications but how many kids are on Ritalin because they just don’t get enough excise and cant get rid of all their energy? I just truly believe that more than half the kids on many of these medications just don’t need them, they need a real outlet!

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