CREATE a beautiful day!

Those are wise words . I wish I’d thought of them, but they were passed on to me by my daughter’s friend. The sentence is probably one of the most important I’ve ever heard! Let me explain☺

I made brownies last night. Needed a chocolate fix and thought I deserved it. After all, I waited all day for someone to view my home for sale. He promised he’d be here. He never came. Oh well, I was busy making sure everything sparkled.

When I made the brownies I ate 3. Too many. Made me feel kind of sick so I shared most with the neighbors. I went to bed after allowing my brownies to “settle”.

I have been fighting little tiny ants in my bathroom for a couple of weeks. Can’t figure out where they are coming from and I have emptied out cupboards and sprayed, but every time I go in there are one or two more. Weird.

So this morning when I went to get coffee (ummmmm coffee)
I discovered ants in my kitchen – AGAIN>just got rid of those little boogers. They are probably trying to escape the heat too, and smelled remnants of brownies. Oh well.

My husband has been working out of town as there isn’t much work here and he has been making fairly good money. Though the union takes half of every dollar he earns – every hour earned, and we’ll probably have to use the extra cash to survive unemployment this winter. Oh well. We are in the same boat with 99% of middle class-hard working citizens!

Onward and upward. I awoke at 4:15 and my knee hurt so badly I couldn’t sleep any longer. Began stretching again (after a few months off) and I pulled a muscle in my leg. When I flinched because of the pain, I tweaked my knee. It has been hurting since then, but last night it was swelled up and was too painful to sleep. I can deal with the ankle as it swells up all the time anyway from a sprain thirty years ago, but this knee is a new challenge.

I got up and took 1600 mg. of an anti-inflammatory. When I finally fell asleep I dreamed horrible dreams about some vicious creature attacking my dog (who by the way hurt himself a few days ago). Thank God his hip wasn’t displaced.

I forgot to mention, a couple of days ago I was coming in the garage and stubbed my big toe on a lip from rising concrete. Ouch. Split my toenail in half and bled all over the place. Oh well, could have been worse. It’s wrapped neatly and the throbbing has diminished.

Did I mention that I am one of the 9% of citizens who don’t have herpes? Well – so what! My kids had chickenpox and the viral nerve infection called shingles lay dormant in my body until I hit fifty…now I have a “form” of herpes, and it sucks! For any of you who are familiar – no matter what form – the herpes stinks. Little
bumps that you can feel coming on, they get bigger. They itch
like crazy and then are with you a couple of weeks. Just when you think the first ones are going away, often times more come on. As you age, with my version, the amount increase and the frequency, and the pain after is often mind-boggling.

My point in sharing this? I heard of the Zoster shot to help instead of taking Valtrex each time a break out occurs. There is no help for genital herpes, and I was sorry to hear that, but happy I THOUGHT I had help coming.

I scrounged up the $200.00. Had to go to the pharmacist to get the shot. Still haven’t figured out why my physician can’t do it. That is thought provoking to me.

Well! Be aware. I had a full on breakout two weeks after the shot.
I called and asked WHY? The pharmacist said, “There is no guarantee that you won’t still break out; it seems to work cutting down the pain after.

That was disappointing as the breakouts are so uncomfortable. You just want to rip your skin by scratching! But less pain is good, I guess. I felt mislead by the signs posted and all the advertising. Grow up Marsha, ads lie!

I’ll have to find out if I can order my valtrex again to help! Alas,
promises, promises.

Life is tough. No doubt about it, and the little annoyances can drive you right into the trash bin if you let them!

BUT WHY? It’s my life and all these things really mean little in the whole scheme of things. I can still walk. I will survive fighting little varmints. I have hands to “scratch” and still food in the cupboard.

Love is still around and it’s a new day. Forge a head men and women of the world. There is NOTHING you can’t handle if you take a breath, say a prayer and keep a sense of humor.

Oh, I forgot, my glasses leave the worst dent on the bridge of my nose and I woke up with the headache that will blow my head clear into the next state!

OH WELL! Could be worse. Don’t let ANYTHING take away your joy and love. CREATE a beautiful day for you and the circle of humans near you. That’s what I’ll be doing today! REALLY!

3 Responses to “CREATE a beautiful day!”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Ok, so I must admit when I first started reading your blog entry I was thinking hmmm what happened to that cheerful human happy face. 🙂 But then at the end I found that it was a little lesson in life and ended in a positive note :)>

    I am tickled to death that even after all of these things you see the positive in everything. Hope things start bighting up!!

  2. deanjbaker Says:

    good to see this, thanks

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You are most welcome! FYI I will be adding a paragraph to this today regarding the Zoster shot. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

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