Excerpts from Time Magazine “In the Arena” – 7/14/08 – I am ashamed of our government in more than one way!

“There’s just a tremendous need for counseling”, says Paul Rieckhoff of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “The (Dept. of Veterans Affairs) phychologial counseling program is overwhelmed. The SUICIDE RATES FOR RETURNING VETS ARE JUST OFF THE CHARTS.”

“….To eliminate the stigma, a few regular Army units have started to make phychological counseling mandatory for soldiers returning from combat. “We decided to do it after those murders at Fort Bragg,” said retired general B.B. Bell…. (Bell was referring to the three returning soldiers who murdered their wives in 2002.)”

“But those are isolated programs. And the need is even greater in the National Guard and Reserves. Because of the all-volunteer Army, ‘we’ve never had so many Guard and Reserves involved in combat’, Grange says. These troops tend to be less well trained and yanked out of civilian lives and therefore more susceptible to psychological stress.”

The article was talking about an effort to raise $100 million to provide free psychological counseling for those returning vets. I am honestly NOT RELAXED about this scenario. You mean to tell me that our government and the military cannot afford to offer these services to our troops because Veteran’s Affairs Dept. is overwhelmed by two wars.”

What’s wrong with that picture? $100 million is a piss (yes, I cussed for the first time) in a bucket
for our government. We have given $7.2 BILLION to Pakistan since 9/11!!!!!!! WHAT A SHAM! WHAT A SHAME! What a frigging joke and slap into the face of these kids who survive and need help!
WHAT a DISGRACE for the men and women who are offering their lives for us (whether we agree with the war or not) they are still our children and brothers and sisters.

I wish I could do more than just voice an opinion. If you are able to help financially, there is a website where you can. It’s welcomebackveterans.org. The problem facing most of us peasants
these days is we can barely feed our families. THIS SHOULD BE A PRIORITY FOR OUR GOVERNMENT.
LET’S CUT OUT some of the perks for the “boys club” – you know what I mean!

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