Check this out… it’s so unreal

Today I went outside to take out trashcans. I heard a voice from the home in the back of me, and to the north.

“Hi Marsha” the person yelled.

“Hi”, I yelled back. The voice was familiar, but I was on a mission.

Later when I went out again and saw a lean young man with fairly long hair walk by – I recognized him. He was with his father. It was the boy who had greeted me a while ago.

I stood by the garage door and told him, “I had to come out to make sure who this young man is that spoke to me! Confirmed. I told him, “You are getting long and lean, and more handsome every day. “ He is. He is beautiful from within too – and that is the real beauty!

FLASH. When we moved here there was a couple in the back house that had two boys – pre-teen and early teens. This young man was one of those boy’s children!

Time flies when you are having fun. Even if you aren’t having fun, START.
Pretty soon you will look around and go “What happened? I have lived more of my live than I have left.”

DON’T WASTE IT ON PETTY STUFF. Tend to the real business of life.
Love one another! Do it with no “conditions”.

3 Responses to “Check this out… it’s so unreal”

  1. woody green Says:

    thanks for sharing your life by this blog. i am really to read this, so simple but its so real. we are gifted people, and i agree to love one another without conditions. great thought!
    please visit my blog and share your thought.
    warm regards,
    woody green

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I did visit and I like it! Fun to share positive energy and thoughts – and life changing, I believe. Create a wonderful day, you are bookmarked!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Hi Marsha,

    Time flies by quickly no matter where you are in life. I just told my Mom the other day that I cant believe I am turning 30. What happened to my 20’s?? lol My kids are growing so quickly I still remember very vividly changing my oldest diapers.

    I also remember telling them at the age of 8 your half way to driving age and now they are already 10 only 6 more years, which is how old my youngest is.

    Thanks for thoughts

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