One woman’s Opinion on B. Clinton’s spending, medical marijuana and the vote of the people in this country!

Clinton’s spending, medical marijuana and the vote of the people in California

Okay, okay, okay! I am relaxed! But I don’t think it hurts to “vent” one’s feelings. If we do not voice the way we feel (either in writing or conversation) we will implode, and I am not about to add to the mess we humans make! Venting releases that which might cause an explosion so I am covered all the way around.

I don’t know what can be done about any of this because we are all so busy trying to survive. The majority of us middle class “peasants” are involved
taking care of family and work, and there is not much time left to protest anything.

Besides, what I’ve discovered over the years is that most people with families will not / or cannot band with those protesting. Even those without families. Everyone has a different opinion. They don’t have the time, the energy, or the money try to change things. That is the way it is.

I wondered where Bill Clinton gets his money to do all his charitable
acts with his time. I checked it out and found this, whether you are a Clinton fan or not,–this is sickening!

“The Clintons have made a $100-million fortune since leaving the White House, but a Politico analysis found that hasn’t kept Bill Clinton from taking full advantage of the publicly funded perks offered to ex-presidents.

In fact, his presidential retirement benefits cost taxpayers almost as much as those of the other two living ex-presidents combined.

The price tag for Clinton’s federal retirement allowance from 2001 through the end of this year will run $8 million, compared to $5.5 million for George H. W. Bush’s and $4 million for Jimmy Carter’s during the same period.

Since 2001, Clinton has received more of almost every benefit available to former presidents – from his pension to his staff’s salaries and benefits to supplies. His $420,000 phone bill and $3.2 million office rent tab both nearly surpassed the totals rung up for those purposes by Bush, Carter and the late former presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan combined. As a group, they spent $484,000 on telephone service and $3.8 million on rent in the same span.”

Throw-up, gag! In the meantime citizens I know are working hard, and have all their lives, and are paying for this while they go down the tube!

Now on to the subject of medical marijuana. California voted that
medical marijuana is legal and has set up many clinics to help those in need of it.

Marijuana has less residual problems than most prescriptions I know of, and is a better way to help pain than ALCOHOL. I drink so I am not on a band-wagon, but if YOU drink to “take the edge off” or thinking it will help your pain, you are sadly mistaken.

If you want to give years of your life away to major mistakes and depression, then DRINK for the WRONG reasons. I gave 10 years away, but that’s another post.

Who do you think is against medical marijuana? I think it’s the people who run and own the drug and alcohol industries.

Think about it. If there was something with little negative consequences and really could help, don’t you think their business profit would suffer?

Next on the hit list is the people’s vote in California. IT MEANS
NOTHING! As two examples of the devalued meaning of the people’s vote: gay marriage and medical marijuana.

thoughts are on the subjects is my business. What I am miffed
about is the fact California voters VOTED OUT gay marriage, and the San Francisco supreme court overruled the people’s votes.
California voter’s VOTED IN medical marijuana – and the federal
government is overturning this vote to rule against it.

What is happening is “big brother” is alive and well in the form of our federal government and the supreme courts. (This of course includes big business and big banks.) NOT EVERYONE is corrupt mind you, but I think those who rule the USA in the capacities I mentioned, are about 90% corrupt!

Even the way the president is elected is BS. The electoral college,
those “primary” states selected (selected by whom?), and the super delegates, they all just scream the same thing to me….we have no real choice. (Except our attitudes of course☺.

In the end – it’s all about the money, and those with the most money have the most power, and those in positions of power (MOSTLY) become corrupt – it’s a nasty circle of things.

I’ve voiced my opinions. I feel better, and though this post won’t change anything, at least it may be informative to a few people who read it. I also got it out of me. It is a freeing feeling for sure.

Now I am going do a 10 minute relaxation and get up and start shining my positive thoughts in all directions in my little world.
Maybe it will help a bit. I will keep the faith and hope and keep
on trying and loving!

CREATE (no matter what) a wonderful day for you and yours!
My husband asks me why I care so much what happens to people I
don’t know. I always give him the same answer. I believe we
were put on this planet to praise God, and love one another!

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