SICK! This is what ruins the internet!

If you get a comment with this email: – DON’T RESPOND OR GO TO THE URL
WITH IT! This is some sicko that has videos and stories (I think) about all kinds of RAPE!

I went to the address thinking it might be a new and interesting blog – I didn’t read or open anything.
The titles were enough to make me vomit. There are 600 registered sex offenders in my city-and
that is just the registered ones.

Rape is a hideous crime because it is NEVER with consent and it invades the most personal part of a
human’s being. PLEASE BEFORE YOU RESPOND BY GOING TO THE URL CONNECTED WITH THIS EMAIL- DON’T give your honor or dignity away by going there. Rape could happen to any of us and I have
known lives ruined by this! I am the most curious person in the world, and a very sexual one…….
but there is a difference between satisfying our curious nature, and having a beautiful sexual relationship and RAPE!!! Shun this monster!

One Response to “SICK! This is what ruins the internet!”

  1. Mike Schinkel Says:

    I found your post because I too got a spam comment from And while I completely agree with you that rape is truly horrific, I just had to comment because I found it ironic that the title of your blog and the intensity of your post were so diametrically opposed.

    That’s not to downplay your post or to criticize you for it in any way, I support your position, but it was just so sadly humorous how different your two sentiments were that are both displayed on this page. FWIW. 😐

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