This is for :) Good day! Also, of course, for anyone else who would like to read it:)

This is Mike’s comment to the post on the rape site I found disgusting.

“I found your post because I too got a spam comment from And while I completely agree with you that rape is truly horrific, I just had to comment because I found it ironic that the title of your blog and the intensity of your post were so diametrically opposed.

That’s not to downplay your post or to criticize you for it in any way, I support your position, but it was just so sadly humorous how different your two sentiments were that are both displayed on this page. FWIW. :-|”

My reply (to clarify a bit!)
Thank you for your comments! It does seem REALLY ironic the title of my blog is so diametrically opposed to that post itself. “Sadly humorous” – I agree. But I am a realist.
If I said I would never have chocolate again – I would be lying. If I said I was relaxed 100% of the time, I would be lying. However, in my heart of hearts I am relaxed almost all of the time. I believe part of the reason I am is because of my years teaching stress management and relaxation techniques…they work if you use them.

Also, a good part of the reason is that I can have strong negative feelings about something I disagree with, and snap back to happiness quickly is because I don’t hold things inside of me. I don’t let those feelings fester. I bring them to the surface- get them out of me by writing or discussion, and find the best resolve within my choices.

I am able to let all the things I have no control over, the negative things that bring
people to their knees, always fly from my fingertips into oblivion. I never hold back my true thoughts-I just never let them change my chemistry or who I am.

I can be open and honest, able to express my discomfort with aspects of life, and not let them bind me and pull me down. The reality is that some of life sucks and I won’t deny that! I just won’t let it change my true nature.

It used to be when someone flipped me off in traffic (it happened once or twice in my life:) – I used to get mad and flip them off and think “piss on you.” Since I won’t give up my joy to any
irritant, when I had that happen on the freeway recently, because I couldn’t move to the right lane fast enough, I raised my hand, made the peace sign and thought “peace on you.”

Bet you didn’t expect a book as a response! Thanks again for pointing out the truth of the irony of it all. I actually have enjoyed writing this and hope it makes sense to clarify! CREATE a wonderful day!

2 Responses to “This is for :) Good day! Also, of course, for anyone else who would like to read it:)”

  1. Mike Schinkel Says:

    Didn’t expect a full post, but hey that’s what blogs are for! Anyway, my comment was mostly an impulse because I was just stricken by how your blog’s title and the tone of the post I was reading were juxtaposed. It really was nothing more than an observation. Glad it gave you something to ponder.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I guess it did, didn’t it! :). It was fun!

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