Our winner – One of the blogs I have bookmarked and enjoy. Check it out! I will get the CD to you right away!

Yes, it is a bubble. Specifically, a bubble on water with greenery beneath the water. I went kayaking and was snapping photos as I always do and I just thought the bubble would be fun as it followed me for a while! Here is the original photo before I cropped it and did a little highlighting in photo shop.

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  1. woody green Says:

    i lost your blog from my bookmark since an error happened to my browser. but today i checked your link from your last comment on my blog, then i found you have had a new blogger account since this august but you havent start to blog there. then i was thinking that your wordpress blog must be the same titled with your name at blogger account. i am happy to find you again!
    ps: i didnt think it is a bubble because it is so dark water…

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Very cool! I am so glad you like my blog too…your’s is great! I was in my kayak and the bubble looked so pretty and the dark underwater foliage too. I was sitting under trees as it was very hot, so probably that is why everything looked so dark! Thanks for wanting to find me. 🙂

  3. woody green Says:

    thanks, you explained it well 😉

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