There are lots of money scams going on right now. I am sure you’ve gotten the email informing you someone has left you a million or more….most of us recognize this one.

I work part time as a Mystery Shopper (that’s a tricky one too) – you have to come up with a bit
of money up front before you can shop…I may have been scammed with that too, but it’s too late for me! But many legitimate business ventures require an initial investment.

I got an email today telling me all about this great shopping venture involving Wal-Mart and money gram facilities. I thought it sounded TOO GOOD to be true. I was right. I followed though with it
to a point. The point was after the money orders were delivered to me, instead of depositing them or cashing them, I got the bank staff to look them over. Immediately they knew the money orders were frauds.

They told me if I had deposited them and returned what was left (after the supposed shopping evaluation) – I would have been responsible for the money I sent back to the “scammers”. This is a copy of one of the money orders. If you get any thing like this take it to your bank. That pink little dot is one of the tell -tale signs, but the teller could see just by looking. I couldn’t!

The next item is a copy of the email I was sent:

Disappointed? Sure I am. But more than the loss of “potential income” I am disappointed in the human nature of some people. I’ve been in desperate need of money in my lifetime a few times, but I never tried to steal or screw anybody out of their money. All I can say is karma does come back on people; maybe not today, but at some point people pay for their actions. I really feel badly for the elderly and those who really are in need and get scammed.

Please pass this on to anyone you know! I will contact Wal-Mart headquarters, take the information to the police department, and contact the state attorney general’s office.

I am posting this on quite a few categories in hopes of perhaps saving someone a terrible mistake I could very likely have made! Be on your toes and remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


  1. woody green Says:

    hi marsha, i am still looking the good way to earn money from internet. too many informations make me cant decide what the best thing i should do. some people offer affiliates marketing, but how to make me really get people who interested to the stuffs and buy them? i registered to, but i still dont understand how it works. do you have any experience in internet marketing. would you share it to me?
    -thanks for sharing this posting 😉

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I really have almost NO skill in internet marketing! I wish I did! I sold a couple of things
    on ebay but mostly I write, write, write. I wish I had an agent or some good skills in marketing. Hit and miss …… I guess it’s just persevere and we’ll both hope for the best!

    You are welcome. I think it’s terrible to scam people out of money. It’s just a horrible
    thing to do to (mostly) decent and hard working people!

    If I come across something WONDERFUL I’ll let you know! Later:)

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