Babbling on about this and that….

There was a post yesterday that talked about women and wisdom and such. Drivel. If you want to
spout wisdom you have to live a bit longer than this man has, and his words were beyond what I wish anyone would believe. It got the “headline” spot when you open wordpress….must be whom you know:)

No woman wants to address these things:

Just for any young woman who is TANNING – DON’T!! I cannot express this strongly enough. I was a professional dancer and oftentimes I would go to tanning booths and I thought it was great. WE PAY FOR WHAT WE DO IN OUR YOUTH. Believe me, when you get older (and you will unless your dead!) – you may not think it matters….but you still feel youthful inside, and outside you get what you paid for (literally).

Splotchy skin, wrinkles, tough leather like skin, and the REAL possibility of skin cancer. It’s more serious than you think. Please use alternative sources to get that tanned look. I do and no one knows the difference! (Not me, of course. πŸ™‚ So far, so good. πŸ™‚

On to genetics. Keep this is mind ladies and gentlemen, genetics DO COUNT, in many ways. The way I am writing about is health-wise. Be aware of “history” in health and use the knowledge to help yourself stay fit and onry!

Also pay attention to your parents body size and changes as they occur. Be gentle with them as no one can help getting older. It is a part of life. What is often fearful is the unexpected….plan a head to stay healthy, plan a head for survival, be moderate in what “you think you need”.

Make it a “challenge” to make necessary changes-instead of dreading them. Stay strong and optimistic.

Didn’t intend to babble on so long on this particular subject, but I REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU!
We are here (in this humble woman’s opinion) to worship the Great Spirit, to love one another, not judge each other, empower ourselves with gifts unused, and BE Happy!

Here is a photo that makes me happy. I hope it does you too! It’s a variation of one of the places my dreams transport me. I often go on a path and it always has foliage and flowers. My dreams are my other life.

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