Urgent for you if you take aspirin and ibuprofen

Just picked up a magazine (AARP magazine, I think) while waiting to get my eyes tested. This was in the magazine and it could be important to also share with others:

“If you’re taking low-dose aspirin, avoid ibuprofen, which can cancel out the aspirin’s antiplatelet effect
and cause a catastrophic stroke.” (Let me repeat that last part – COULD CAUSE A CATASTROPHIC STROKE-YIKES!) “A new study at the University at Buffalo and the Dent Neurologic Institute in Buffalo is the first to show the stroke danger.”

If you know anyone who might be taking both (perhaps an elderly parent or relative, or someone who
really just takes pills AS ADVERTISED, or someone who just isn’t savvy in health) – PLEASE let them know it is VERY dangerous.

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe one. This is a very dangerous weekend for driving, and so many Americans do it as the “last vacation weekend” for a while. My husband and I stay home. Besides, it’s just too hot this weekend to go anywhere – 115 today. Yuk! I did kayak once at 116, but it was almost sickening and I had to be wet the entire day.

So pass it forward about the med’s and BE SAFE. Tell someone you love them! Or just be kind to someone just for the fun of it! (Oh, by the way, I try to proof my posts, but my keyboard is wearing out and so if I miss something forgive the error. A new one is $60.00 + tax. I’ll deal with this for a while.:)

2 Responses to “Urgent for you if you take aspirin and ibuprofen”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Marsha. I’ll circulate the information – it is vital. G

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You are most welcome. We humans have to stick together!

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