“Lookingforbeauty” blogger – right on! It’s an x-ray!

No one ever thinks that from one moment to another, life can change radically. I knew it, but thought as we all do, “THAT” could never happen to me.

Mama taught me one of the only things we can be sure of in life is CHANGE. Right on mama!

As a person who teaches stress management and relaxation, I have always said anyone can learn the techniques. They work. It has been a while since I have really had to “think” about using them though. They come to me, after teaching hundreds of students, without thinking about using them-mostly!

Life has been calamity free this year until last week. I am now participating in a refresher course in “stress management and relaxation techniques” for myself!

Here’s the deal ☺.

Early last week I got a muscle spasm in my low back. I’d had one
years ago and it was quite painful, and a bit scary, to say the least. Went to see a doctor, confirmed it was a spasm, but no real cause. Between pain pills and muscle relaxants, within a few days it subsided and finally was gone.

Never thought of it until last week! I wasn’t doing anything strenuous or lifting or anything that would specifically cause the spasm, but once again – AGONY when I tried to simply move.

It was a frightening as it made me stop dead in my tracks. Couldn’t move because of the pain.

I’ve had times of unbelievable pain in my life but this was out of nowhere, and it really, really hurt. It hurt badly enough for me to go to a clinic and see a physician.

After waiting two hours the doctor saw me and in about two minutes said, “Severe muscle spasm or strain in low back.” Duh.
I already knew that. She then proceeded to give me a very strong injection of torodal (for inflammation) and an injection of valium to help relax the muscles.

I should be really angry. She should never have given me such strong shots without finding out if I was driving or not. I was
It could have been deadly for me or someone else for me to drive home after those powerful shots.

I also read that the injection of Torodal should be injected in the spine, not the ass cheek.

Went to bed thinking it would be better in the morning. By evening the next day it was so bad my husband took me to the emergency room at the hospital.

Again I was seen, told just about the same thing – got another shot and muscle relaxants – and we drove home. No one seems to know the cause of back spasms, though it could be the symptom of “something else”.

I opted to sleep in our guest room for the night because the bed is just a bit harder. I thought that would be good, and also since my honey was coming down with the flu I wanted him to get a least one night’s sleep!

At about 4AM I awoke and headed to the bathroom to get a pain pill and also use the facility. As I turned to sit on the “throne” I
screeched. The pain was excruciating.

In an instant I felt something I’d never felt before. I knew I was going to faint. I thought, “I had better lay on the floor and call

The next thing I remember I opened my eyes and was on the floor.
I looked up and my husband was waxen, with eyes wide open. He
said, “Oh my God, your leg is broken.” I looked at my legs and my left foot was turned in the opposite direction of a normal foot.

The pain was incredible. He moved near me and asked if he could
I knew it was going to be a 911 call soon to follow.

Calmly he did call and then returned to me with a pair of shorts and pajama top to match. I was grateful as we always sleep naked.
It’s so much more comfortable.

He stayed near me and within minutes several firemen and then paramedics appeared. I could feel, through the pain, the genuine
A paramedic kneeling at my feet told me
he was going to have to splint my leg and it was going to hurt.

Gently the paramedics slipped a sheet under me. The one with the handlebar mustache said, “okay, it’s time.”

A rush of the most terrible pain I have ever felt in a lifetime encompassed me and he set the splint. I had no control over my screams. There is no description intense enough to describe the next few minutes.

I kept screaming bloody murder – it felt as if my body was being impaled by every weapon and hideous instrument of torture ever created.

I screamed as they lifted me. I screamed as they moved me from the bathroom to the hall, where I saw the color drain completely from my husband’s face, with a look I’d never seen before. I screamed as they carried me down the stairs and lifted me into the ambulance. Finally, what seemed like an eternity was over and they set me on the bed in the ambulance.

I heard Michael yell, “I’ll be at the hospital.” The doors closed and I think a paramedic gave me some pain relief. I am not sure though as the pain of a lifetime persisted, and increased again as we reached the hospital and I was lifted out to the emergency room. Any movement was excruciating.

(I will continue this later on today or tomorrow. It’s been exactly a week since the accident and this is the longest I’ve been able to sit
comfortably with my laptop. ☺)

One Response to ““Lookingforbeauty” blogger – right on! It’s an x-ray!”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Oh Marsha, I’m so sorry this has happened to you. You were lucky to have your husband in the house with you. I’ve had bad back pain and worry about falling – but certainly not as bad as this you describe. Living alone, if I fell I’d not have anyone to help me out. I’m extra cautious.

    How long will it take you to heal? How soon before you are moving around and doing for yourself? What about your back pain. Are you having to deal with both at once, still?
    All the stress management in the world will not fix your pain management. Hang in there, friend. It does heal.

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