The rest of the story….my accident :)

Once in the emergency room, I was able to be still, hence my pain remained moderate. The x-ray tech came in and let me know we needed films of my leg and foot.
Meanwhile my husband was allowed into the emergency area where I had been taken.

The tech rolled me into the x-ray room and I was told it would be necessary to slide to the table. OUCH! As we worked on getting me there I let loose again with uncontrollable screams. I simply could not contain them within me. Luckily my husband couldn’t hear the screams this time.

The films showed the tibia, the main bone in my lower right leg snapped right in two.
The fibula is fractured at the top of it and is fractured at the bottom as well. All the muscle tissue was ripped from top to bottom, and the ligaments and tendons may be damaged, but until the swelling diminishes we won’t know for sure.

The physician said it was serious and I would need surgery within a few hours.

Of course all of this happened a week ago yesterday. The surgery went well. My husband took time off for three days, and brought me home on Saturday. He also took the beads down that we had draped over the hall entrance, and he removed the bathroom door so I can easily maneuver the walker. Then he made this terrific fruit dish for me. . He got me a walker right away and attached a small basket in the front so when I hobble my way to the bathroom (or any room) I am able to carry our home phone, the cell phone, and whatever else I might need.
My fruit salad: yummy

Monday he had to return to work. I learned that having a broken leg, using a walker andcaring for myself during the day was a bit more difficult than I imagined. The minutes felt like hours, and the hours like weeks! It is a challenge for sure.

Wednesday he took me to the doctor and he took our some of the stitches – more will be taken out next Wednesday.

The pain is still 7 on a scale of 10 being the most pain, but I am taking Norco (a very strong narcotic)-2 every 4 hours, and a muscle relaxant every 8 hours. I have to elevate and ice my leg and ankle as much as possible, and lay on my back with my leg elevated all night.

Michael is so patient, and though he thinks he’s a terrible caregiver, I would give him a medal for his efforts and hard work. If I get up through the night he is right there to watch over, and help me get tucked back in bed safely. He runs all the errands, cooks, has kept the house clean, and even made it possible for me to sit outside for a bit today.

All week he was quite ill with the flu. Sunday Mike was still sick, but going to work tomorrow. What a guy. We are a “pair to draw to” for sure. ☺ He’ll be working twelve hours and I’ll be fending for myself.

So here is the moral of this tale of woe – don’t waste a moment dwelling on that which is not truly important in the scheme of things. Do not
spend your time worring about what tomorrow will bring. No matter how many plans we make, what we truly have is simply this moment.

Live your life with LOVE. Be kind to those in your world. Love one another.

Savor each moment. Relish it. Live it joyfully. It is a choice.

Though my plans have RADICALLY changed, and for a time the pain is my constant companion – I will not sit here and whine about it. I am go grateful
my accident was not worse. I am grateful for the mind that envisioned a “walker”. Grateful I don’t have to use an outhouse!

Have a beautiful day and be appreciative for small gifts in life. Take a breath, and RELAX, It’s just Life!

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