Some one mentioned to me a while back that I have an affinity for things. Never thought of myself in that particular way so it started me thinking.

Perhaps the first time I started collecting “things” was the first time I had my own home. I think it’s rather natural for a woman to decorate. My eclectic style has remained the same over the years of my life.

I love Indians, country, the outdoors, and THINGS my family have made or given to me. For me, if I didn’t “decorate” my home it would feel stark to me, and much less comfortable. I like candles and lovely lightening, and music.

During the early years I did most of my shopping at yard sales and thrift stores. As a matter of fact,
I still do. I have no problem with “used” things. Quite often you can get a more diverse selection of
things by shopping this way. Material in clothing is softer, and really often I get good “vibes” from
some things.

Yes, some things I reserve to buy new. That includes undergarments!

There have been times in my life I had to sell some things I considered precious ; precious because they were gifts to me from loved ones. Those are the things that mean the most to me. I would part with anything I own to feed and clothe my family.

Looking at things from loved ones makes me feel kind of an emotional bond-the prodding of memories come to me, and flashbacks of times together. It’s not that the things are worth so much money that
I hoard them, it’s different, with sentimental things – as least to me.

As a new parent I began to save things my children made, buy things for the home that made it more comfortable, hang on to things “in case” of hard times. I’ve always had lots of live plants in my home as it is good for humans oxygen intake.

Sitting here now I look around, there really isn’t anything I couldn’t part with if need be. But why?
For now (and the last 20 years) I am HERE. My husband and I enjoy our eclectic surroundings. Looking at my books I recall why I started collecting them. My husband was on the road driving truck.
I was lonely and love books, so when I found some awesome ones at a yard sale, the collection began.

I never considered myself a material girl. I would give anything I possess to someone I love, or even
to someone who was in need of it. I would sell anything if we needed money to survive or help someone in the family. I would get rid of it all at a moment’s notice if need be. If I were gypsy by nature and traveled a lot I would shed the lot of it.

Never have had to keep up with the neighbor’s – who cares about that? Buying “things” for that reason is just not important to me. Not me.

It’s just been kind of fun “collecting” and “keeping” some material and sentimental things. Things come and things go, they are bought and sold, but in the long run – I would rather hug someone I love and spend time in conversation with them than to have all the material things in the world!

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