If you need to use a walker…..even temporarily :)

Using a walker is a humbling experience, but if it is necessary to get around, it is a blessing! This is how my husband fixed mine so that I could “at least” do some of the thing I want during my healing.

Note the cllip on front. That is to carry paperwork if necessary. The basket that is attached is an old purse, and that is to carry items. Perhaps a water bottle to be filled. A telephone for emergencies. Use for whatever you might need to transport.

The handles were really hard on my hands so my husband took a soft washcloth and cut it in half. He then fastened both handles and now my hands are just fine.

One thing that has really helped is that he took off the bathroom door temporarily. Though it kind of
takes away any privacy, it allows me to use the bathroom for “whatever” without banging into the door.

Just be careful not to overload your vehicle. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, almost forgot. When I get up to use bathroom or get a pain pill in the night, he has put a flashlight in the bottom of the basket and it gives me kind of a headlight!

Talk about thoughtful, that’s my honey. Twenty years+ and he’s still the man that makes me love him more than ever!

Have a beautiful day and if you know someone using a walker, please share the tips. Have a
FANTASTIC weekend and remember for every step you take – walking is a gift. Be kind and understanding to those who are using a walking aid. I never dreamed I would need one-not even temporarily!

Gosh, I wish I had a bell like I had on my bike when I was a kid! Look out – here I come. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 Responses to “If you need to use a walker…..even temporarily :)”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    By, gum – you are a trooper, Marsha! I second the need for a ringer. In the middle of a dark night as you are creeping about with your walker you could give the ringer a couple of blasts to clear the way to the bathroom.
    Sending healing energies your way, and a virtual hug. G

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much! It is a challenge I will say. Cabin fever may hit me at some point, but at least with my little go mobile I can jet around the house!

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