A celebration of Horror

My husband has been a professional driver for years. One day on a crowded local roadway he said to me “Watch how everyone will just stay in the left
Lane and follow the leader.” They did.

We are a country that follows the leader. I guess the media declares we are so lame that we have to watch Hillary tell us how good Obama is – even though she was totally against him when she was running against him! Go figure.

Apparently we need Bill O’Riley to guide us on the path to Mc Cain because we are too stupid to make a righteous decision on our own.

You know it would be better if no one took a poll. No one should announce on the media who seems to be a head. None of these crappy commercials denouncing each other-should be allowed. Actually no coverage should be allowed except the debates, a non-partisan read or two, and public meetings. We are so easily swayed by the stars endorsements too. The only stars I love are in the sky.

So, I heard 95% of us are middle class and lower. Hmmmmm – I’d like to see a list of the other 5%.

Some call it a political nightmare. Some call it a podium for liars.
Some say it is just the American way. I think the year we call “election year” is just a celebration of the horror we face in America.

Obama is a liar. McCain is a liar. They are all liars. Promises, promises, promises. I’ve listened to the election frenzy for more years than I like to declare, and they are ALL guilty of making promise after promise, and simply NOT DELIVERING. I swear this to you.

We don’t pick the candidates. During the election we do not think about the MILLIONS those “chosen” few spend in order to become an officer of the government.

Oh, then I love all the money spent on lavish balls dinners, and such in celebration of the new president.

NOTHING will change except that taxes will go up and the new president will take many trips (along with senators and representatives). Each will have their own plane or first class transportation to use – and go different directions, of course.

READ MY WORDS. Nothing will change except taxes will go up. Oh we may very well have a division of people again, whomever is elected.

Wish we were “one” party. A house divided against itself is weak.

As far as bailing out Wall Street. Hogwash. I want to see paperwork that assures me of being invested in the banks as a citizen.

By the way, I do need an answer to one question I have never known. Who are the various idiots that stand in front as the stock market opens and closes, and waves and smiles no matter what the market does?

Just venting thoughts. I still believe we live in the most wonderful country in the world. It’s just run by liars that’s all!

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