Forgot in post yesterday

If anyone interested in a special deal for Christmas- I have a special deal. Barnes & Noble sells my book for $17.95 and my website sells the CD for $14.95. CUT the price of each in half and I’ll send you both for
$16.95 plus postage! (Actually they would make a smashing gift together as anyone that caregives / or the recipient can use stress management techniques!) It really is a great deal and I have about 15 of each here at home and could mail out ASAP in one package! Pay Pal is great.

That’s it. GUESS what the hospital bill is for a broken leg and surgery (just the hospital). Come on, guess????? It’s (gulp) – $70,000.00 plus change. PLEASE be careful and take care of yourselves. Fortunately we do have medical insurance to HELP – but if we didn’t, it would break up!

Thank God for a miracle….all the miracles we have on a daily basis. Have a wonderful day!
Here is a picture of just my feet after almost 40 days…most of swelling and bruising gone – ankle still swelled and leg too – but lots better!

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