How my husband made me feel better after my accident!

First – by being there for me every minute he can. He is cooking, cleaning, comforting, and just doing everything besides working long hours. He is unbelievable. Then a few days ago (5 weeks after the accident he came home with these!)
I was so surprised – just out of a clear blue sky!
I am doing much better. I learned yesterday bones don’t heal as quickly as I’d like. The x-rays still show the bone broken right in half. Even the two fractures are still apparent. I was told I could put weight on the leg according to my pain tolerance, and that it would be at least eight months before really healing. The doctor reminded me it was serious.

Okay, I was down for a bit (but I allow myself moments of down time-I just don’t let them overcome
me.) Now I am fine this morning and grateful as it could be much worse. I have gotten the swelling down by icing, elevating and staying off my feet as much as I can. Even the doctor was surprised I
am doing so good. Mind over matter and prayers ALWAYS REALLY help!

Have a beautiful day and enjoy each moment.

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